Student Loan Debt

I help student loan borrowers when things go wrong. My services fall into two categories: delinquency management or default and collections resolution.

Delinquency Management

The letters and phone calls student loan borrowers receive when payments fall behind can create a lot of stress, especially when the borrower has no clear idea of what options are available to get their finances back on course. I provide my clients with a roadmap back to financial stability by showing them what course of action to take, or if they wish, I carry out the optimal strategy they decide they want to employ.

Default and Collections Resolution

For clients whose student loans are in default, there are also many options available to resolve the default and stop the downward spiral defaults can create. Based on my client’s goals, I can give them the most effective strategy to stop the wage garnishments or tax refund intercepts, or I can step in as their advocate and handle the process for them to completion. 

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