4 Financial Apps For Children

Why Teach Financials To Children

It’s never too early for children to learn about finances. Discussing finances with your children early can set them up for success in the future. There are four kid-friendly finance apps we personally recommend.

Star Banks Adventure

This app combines quizzes and puzzles that teach children basic financial concepts so they can save the planet polaria from financial chaos.

Celebrity Calamity

This one is for ages 7 and up. You can find it on iOS systems. The concept of this app is that the player will manage the finances of their favorite celebrity. They have to live within their means and doing so leads to rewards in the games, because they can stop the celebrity from spending more money than they have. If they overspend, then you as the manager have to figure out a way to pay all the bills.

Saving Spree

This app teaches children all about earning, spending, and saving money. They play with and earn imaginary money in the game, and you increase or decrease the amount of money you have based on the financial decisions that you make. You can download this on iOS systems.

Game Of Life

Based on the classic board game, Life, you go through the same life events that you go through in the board game. This includes events like going to college, getting married, having children, and you will make financial decisions that come along with each of those life events. This app can be found on iOS and Android devices. It’s ideal for ages 7 and up. With this app, you have to be careful of in-app purchases, so just have a discussion with your child about not making any purchases while playing the game.

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Donald Hedervare
About the Author: Donald Hedervare
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