What are Speciality Bureaus, And How Can They Affect You?

We’re back with part two of Specialty Bureaus. If you are planning to open a checking account, it is good to check with the specialty bureaus that report poor checking account history to banks. You’ll want to make sure you haven’t had any bad remarks or judgements against you with banks in the past.

Who Are The Specialty Bureaus for Banks?

The two largest bureaus are ChexSystems and Early Warning Systems. They are credit bureaus, so just like Experian and Equifax and TransUnion, you can contact them and get a copy of your history and see if there are any negative marks before you go to the bank to apply for a checking account.

Additional Tracking To Check

Certegy Check Services is used by a lot of large retailers like Target and Walmart to find out if you have a negative checking history. You may want to check with them to make sure you don’t have any negative history with them as well.

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Marie Martin
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