How To Save On Every Gallon Of Gas You Buy

Gasoline prices are rising. It’s summertime and you will likely be out traveling even more. Why not get a discount on your gas? It’s difficult to manage how much your gasoline costs are based on your commute, but there is an app that gives you a discount every time you purchase gas.

Available on Both Platforms

The name of the app is GetUpside app. It is available on iPhone and Android systems. You download the app to your phone and every time you purchase gas you can find what gas stations are participating in the discount program, so you can use it at home or while you’re traveling.

How It Works

You find the appropriate gas station that is participating, and it will tell you what discount that gas station is offering between one cent per gallon and 15 cents

per gallon. You accept the discount at that particular gas station. Go to the gas station and fill up your tank using your debit card, or credit card. Then you

upload a copy of your receipt to the app. Within 48 hours you will receive credit for the discounted price of gasoline. Referral Codes Give You Even More of a Discount!

If you have a referral code, like my referral code is MARIE72928, you get an additional 15 cents per gallon on your first purchase. If you give any friends or

relatives your referral code, they too will get a 15 cent per gallon discount on their first purchase, and you will get one too.

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Marie Martin
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