Do Government Agencies Call You?

With all the scams going around, especially the ones who claim to be the government, it can be hard to know what’s real. We’re going over if government agencies actually call you. It’s one of the most common scams lately.

As reported to the Federal Trade Commission FTC, these scammers have defrauded individuals to the tune of $3,000 on average. Don’t fall prey to this type of scam. Government entities will not solicit you over the phone for money. How can you spot this type of fraud? Here are some tips:

First, is the individual contacting you by phone claiming he or she is from a government agency such as your local law enforcement or social security agency.

Second, Is he or she telling you that you owe a debt or a bench warrant that has been issued for your arrest because of the debt. They also may tell you the only way to settle such debt is to wire proceeds via Western Union or another type of money wiring service.

When you receive such a call, just hang up and report it to the FTC. Do not give any information nor listen to the impersonators claims. They are a lie. And if you continue to listen, you may be swayed to giving in to his or her demands.

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Donald Hedervare
About the Author: Donald Hedervare
Donald J. Hedervare, Jr. has been practicing in the areas of bankruptcy law, student loan law and military justice for 17 years. He is a member of the Minnesota State Bar Association, the Ramsey County Bar Association, and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.