Summer Money Saving Tips For Movie Going

Summer Money Saving Tips

To make your summer just a bit brighter, here are some money saving tips.

#1 – You can go see new release movie for $5 on Tuesdays. If you go

to an AMC Theater or a Marcus Theater and you join their loyalty clubs, which

are both free to join, you can see new release movies

#2 – At the AMC Theaters, if you join their stubs program, which is free to join, you can see

the movie for $5. They also have a popcorn and drink package you can get

for $5. This means all of your entertainment would be covered for $10 per person.

#3 – At Marcus Theaters, with their $5 movies on Tuesdays, they have

different discounts you can get on refreshments, drinks, and popcorn. Their

rewards program is called the Magical Movie Rewards® program, which is also

free to join. Both programs have apps you can download to your phone so you’ll have your rewards account information with you handy when you go to the theater.

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