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Beat Rising Gas Prices With This Discount App When Traveling

Beat Rising Gas Prices With This Discount App When Traveling

Traveling is one thing people live for. Whether it’s traveling to a different state to see your family or just traveling to experience new places, gas prices can hinder your experience. This discount app can help you save money on gas purchases.

An App That Can Help With Gas Prices

There is an app that is available on iPhones and Android phones called GetUpside. The app itself is free and there are no membership fees or other hidden fees to join. It has a map feature, and you tell it what area you are looking for a gas station in, and it will show you the participating gas stations. The app will also include how much of a discount those gas stations will give you for purchasing your gas there.

How to Redeem Your Credit

Once you get gas, you simply take a picture of your receipt showing that you purchased the gas. Usually within 24 hours you get credited for the percent per gallon discount that you claimed on the app.

How to Get an Additional Credit

As a bonus, for your first purchase, if you use my referral code, you can get an additional 15 cents per gallon on that first usage. My referral code is Marie72928. So when you initially download the app and it asks you if you have a referral code, if you put in Marie72928, when you claim your first discount and make a purchase, you will get an additional 15 cents per gallon in addition to the per gallon discount that it shows for that particular gas station.

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