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Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for Bankruptcy in Minnesota

Imagine enjoying pay day because you know it is enough to take care of your bills and debts. Imagine not stressing out about how to pay your bills with the money you have or will have. Picture a time when you don’t have to decide between food and electricity, and when you don’t have to give up the things you enjoy because anything non-essential is too expensive for your situation.

Trust your financial future to an experienced Minnesota bankruptcy law firm

This can be a reality when you have the right legal representation. Contacting an experienced Twin Cities bankruptcy lawyer can improve your economic position by offering a fresh start and a light at the end of debt’s tunnel. At the law office of Martin & Hedervare PLLC, we focus exclusively on providing debt relief solutions to clients in and around St. Paul.

Why you need an attorney to file for bankruptcy

True, you could do the research, download the forms and file for bankruptcy on your own, but you would be missing out on the many advantages afforded by experienced legal representation. A skilled Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer can:

  • Explain your options. You may think that because of your assets, Chapter 13 is the better option for you, but an attorney may see the different ways you can use bankruptcy exemptions to help you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy without losing some or any of your assets.
  • Perfect your paperwork. Bankruptcy law can be complicated, and it is vital that your paperwork be perfect or your case could be thrown out. Additionally, if you leave a debt off your bankruptcy filing, it may not be discharged and you will still have to pay it. A bankruptcy lawyer ensures all your documentation is in order.
  • Keep your property. By filing alone, you could be surrendering property unnecessarily. An attorney can help you retain assets through exemptions.
  • Engage in the process. Your Twin Cities bankruptcy lawyer should be in touch with you throughout the case, explaining the process and what you should expect. You should not be passed around to paralegals and secretaries.
  • Protect you. An attorney will protect you from creditors and wage garnishments by putting a stop to harassing phone calls and finding a way to fight any foreclosure proceedings.
  • Keep you from paying more than you should. In addition to finding exemptions, negotiating with trustees, and handling your case before a bankruptcy judge, your Minnesota bankruptcy attorney should also charge you only reasonable fees for their services. Your legal counsel should help you discharge your debt, not add to it.
  • Help you put your best foot forward. Once your bankruptcy is complete, your lawyer should point you in the proven right direction for keeping your finances healthy in the future. An experienced Twin Cities bankruptcy lawyer can also advise you on best practices when it comes to managing student loan debt, finding relief from foreclosure, and rebuilding credit

Contact a Minnesota credit relief bankruptcy attorney today

Every financial situation is unique and requires an experienced, diligent bankruptcy lawyer who will work directly with you in every aspect of your case. Fix your finances by calling Martin & Hedervare PLLC at (651) 383-4725 or contact us online today. In your free in-office consultation, we will find the optimal paths to financial freedom for you.

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