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A Financial App for Couples and Families?

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A financial app is a good way to track your finances. One I recommend is called “Good Budgets”. This app is available for smart phones and laptops.

What Is Good Budget?

This is a financial app that can help you set up a budget, track your expenses, and shows you at a glance exactly where your money goes. Inputting information is easy, and the longer you use it the more information it can give you about your expenses, which makes planning your financial future easier.

Free Version

There is a free version that comes with 10 categories for regular expenses, 10 specialty categories, and you can use it between two devices. The devices will sync so you can keep track of your budget and finances as a family or a couple. If there is any change on one device, it will update the other device. You can save up to one year’s worth of data on it. If you ever run into an issue, there is community support.

Paid Version

There is a paid version of this app, which is $6 per month. With the paid version you will get unlimited categories for storing your money, an unlimited number of accounts, you can save up to five years worth of data, and you can use it on five different devices, along with email support. The app is easy to set up. It’s convenient to split your money into different categories so you can see at a glance where you stand on your budget. Take advantage of the option to save for goals, such as large purchases or vacations.

Creating a budget and setting goals is an important part to good financial health. If you have any questions about budgeting or this app, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at info@mhpllclaw.com

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